Tomorrow: The Dead Of The Night – On its way?

Tomorrow: The Dead Of The Night - On its way?The first news on sequels, plus a little info on possible international releases for Tomorrow: When The War Began.

Also, coming soon:’s review of the film, plus our interview with the cast!

Tomorrow: The Dead Of The Night – On its way?

The team behind the film adaptation of John Marsden’s novel Tomorrow When the War Began has plans to extend the property to three films and a television series.

“What we’re trying to create is a franchise, with a potential for three films and a television series. To create that opportunity we need to see the Australian audience embrace it and the international marketplace recognise the strength of the film,” executive producer and managing director of Omnilab Media Christopher Mapp told Encore.

According to Mapp, there is no minimum box office result that would guarantee production of the sequels and the TV series.

“I won’t be able to give a number on that, because it will be a blend between box office success, foreign sales and the DVD, which won’t be that long down the track. The social media out there is certainly strong enough to suggest that DVD numbers will also be reasonably strong.

“The first film is a film in its entirety. It’s a great story, with wonderful moments of drama, action and romance – everything that a wide film going audience would appreciate. If the audience embrace that, we’re ready for expanding on [the series’] potential,” explained Mapp.

Tomorrow… is writer Stuart Beattie’s first feature as a director. It will be released by Paramount Pictures in Australia on September 2. The international sales agent is Inferno Entertainment, and although they’ve “certainly had interest”, there is no confirmed deal for a US release.

“We’re continuing to pursue that. There are a couple of approaches that we could take; it could be a wide release, or a medium-wide release. We haven’t locked in the strategy yet for North America,” said Mapp.

Another Omnilab production, Rachel Perkins’ musical Bran Nue Dae, still holds the title of highest-grossing Australian film of 2010. It will be released in the US by Freestyle Releasing on September 10.

“Bran Nue Dae is a platform release. We’ve committed to at least 50 screens, but we will go through stages depending on whether audiences embrace it and to what level, so we can then think of an expansion plan,” added Mapp.

From Encore Magazine

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407 thoughts on “Tomorrow: The Dead Of The Night – On its way?

  1. great – sounds awesome it’ll be great if everyone over the world could see and experience the Tomorrow movie!!! :)

    I definately hope that it would become a triolgy of movies – it would be soooooo epic!!! :) x

      • Yeah I have read all 7 books from tomorrow when the war began to the other side of dawn a total of 3 times and I truely can’t wait for the release of the dead of the night at the movies and I hope it continues to grow bigger and bigger.


          • Yeah. I want all of the movies to come out.
            Does anyone know when the dead of night is coming out?

          • On 20 November 2011, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reported that the sequel had apparently been cancelled. Lincoln Lewis stated “At this stage it doesn’t look like it’s going to go ahead”

          • ME TOO!!

            You know the feeling when you’ve read the book
            and then think ” If they would make a film
            about it, it will never be as good as the book”

            It was awesome, especially the deep emotion moments!!
            I can’t wait for THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT!!!!!

          • umm not to be rude but you just ruined it for me. am up to the last book and now i know how its going to end… (-_-)

        • I’ve read all 10 books to be precise. The Ellie Chronicles come after the Tomorrow Series and you can’t say you’ve read them all until you’ve read all 3 Ellie books as well. I’d recommend reading them! :)

    • ive read all seven books all great i recon all the books turned into movies would be the best thing ever the last ones are just as good and deserving to be made into a movie

      • heyy have u read the Ellie Chronicals??? they are about after the war.. partly still in the tomorrow series :) theres while i live, incurable and circle of flight. they r super good :)

        • Read all the Tomorrow when the war began books and the Ellie Chronicals I Love the Books so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i find myself squaling when reading them and still whne i only talk about it i loved the movie. i’m so inlove with the books that i’ve change my msn name to Ellie Linton, i call all my friends Corrie, Fi, robyn, Homer, Kevin, Chris and of course Lovely Lee! Code names for Chrushes! if i were older i’d have gone for the part of ellie linton and would of won cos i just love every about her that i’d be able to be her 😀

          • Hi – you need to wake up and step back into reality. Your not Ellie I am.

          • well i love ellie so much i wish i was her i have dreams that i am her because the tommorrow when the war began books are so inspirational 😀

          • wtf i can so tell that is not really Caitlin Stasey cause i dont think that she would post the stuff on the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

          • Yep everyone can say they are the real one but get real: they’re faking it! Ellie forever <3 such an inspiration!!

        • YES!! i have ready ALL seven books and ALL three ellie chronicals BUT THE HUNGER GAMES ARE BETTER!!! 😀 MARCH 23 2012!!!!!

          • I do not agree. I have read both and The Tomorrow Series including the Ellie Chronicles go deeper and are much more realistic. While The Hunger Games story is very good and I recommend the books, Ellie and friends are on another level. Characters are more interesting and more developed, more realistic, and their story is the most emotional and action packed (realistic action…) story ever written…

          • Well, that’s your opinion :) I personally prefer the Tomorrow Series and I agree with Matteo!

          • i am absolutely in love with the tomorrow when the war began series and i have to say that they are soooo much better then the hunger games

          • Yes!! i have read hunger games trilogy, but agree. Tomorrow/Ellie Chronicles Go in to further detail and I would rather read them any day! (I’ve already re read the series 3-4 times tho!) 😉

          • i think that once they make it in to the tv series it will be dragged out and totally changed, which will be a pity as they are such amazing books

          • I think they should make the entire book series into the movies! I have read all of them and they are amazing!! Making them into a tv series will totally change them, so… Movies all the way! :)

          • I so agree with you EJ
            The books are amazing im obsessed with them some days i feel like ellie others corrie it changes. the movie is great too can wait for the second one… BUT what annoys me most is they didnt put the Hermits story and hut in the book ANGRY AT THAT but its good.

          • Hey i think your totally right i dunno why they would do a tv series half way through a movie series WTF. AArrggh that would ruin the story that they all ready began. I say yes to movies all the way an no way to the tv series that would suck.

        • i know and movies would be much more interresting and long and for the last movie they should put it into two parts and it would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i dont know about anyone els but these movies need to keep coming after i just watched the first, an im now hanging 2 see the second, so ppl better get there s**t together an make it!!!

    • there should be all the movies like harry potter and twilight and why cant the tommorow series become a 7 movie sequence thing .

    • books and movies are absolutely great and terrific but I wouldnt want it to become a tv series becuase its so much more epic and remembral if its a movie and everyone lines up to see the movie. whereas if it where a tv show people would think of it as something thats just always there and is only a tv show. I know i would rather chose a movie rather than a tv show to watch.

    • Please. I’m begging you. if its possible, make all the Tomorrow series a movie. Trust me, it’s gonna be successful. this movie might not be on the first spot of box office, but the first movie attracts and changed people’s taste and vies in life, especially my friends and I. We are a big fan of this series and we want it to see on the cinemas and DVD’s for collection, just like how we collected the book. This movie inspired a lot of people, and in our hearts, for all those fan of this, this movie is the number one. So we’re really expecting for the whole series, and we will support this movie series until the end, win or lose. it’s really fun to read, but people who bought the book of Tomorrow series will definitely wait for the movie. if they did love the book series, what more if you make it more alive and realistic than just a writing which is on film??anyway, we’re just a fan, especially me. but the decision is still yours, of course we do understand how the cost to create these Tomorrow series. but just a compliment, you have a very nice opportunity, very nice and attractive story. Congratulations to all of you and to the writer. God is very proud of you, for your talent and for sharing it. God Bless and more power to the story and future plans!we’ll wait.^_^

  2. I know I will be seeing the movie for the Adelaide premier (yay!) and hopefully a few times in the first few weeks of release to bump up the numbers just a bit!
    And definately be looking out for the DVD of course!

      • It might be okay in white, but it’s one of the most intense book in the whole series. White seems too peaceful, like you know how you surrender holding a white flag, well this books is the one that takes the characters as far away from surrendering as possible, unfortunately :'( Anyway, I just think it would feel off. Umm, I’m kind of making a big deal out of a really tiny thing but I’ve just read some bad comments on the first movie and I’m kind of wound up 😛 I can really see how stuck up and unappreciative some people are of Australian films. In Aussie films the actors don’t look like models where you can hardly see their skin because it’s covered with makeup, they look real and they act real. And Tomorrow, When The War Began isn’t cliche, or fake, it’s showing the realistic things in an extremely (super extremely . . . I hope) unlikely event.
        And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (:

        • i agree with you because all american films are all fake as in make up wise and australian films are more real like you said and they should make all of the books in to movies dont you think:)

  3. Hey guys! As you have just read, the movies will go ahead IF and only if we show support. There is a petition we can all sign, I have contacted Omnilab media as well, they are aware of this petition. Please sign it so we can all enjoy some more Tomorrow When the War Began awesomeness!

  4. It’s encouraging to hear there may be a trilogy in the films, but i’ve always been uncertain about a television series. I guess before worrying if a television series is going to ruin the entire Tomorrow experience, best wait for the release of the film and wait to see how it faired in the box office.

    • I totally agree, a tv series would most likely ruin it. it would be better if they made them all into movies, just like they did with the harry potter series.

      • You cannot compare the Tomorrow Series to Harry Potter. One of the major differences between the two that makes movie series doable is the timeline. Harry Potter expands over years which works out well with movies since they take years to make. Tomorrow is less than two which does not work well.

        We would be lucky to get a movie trilogy but beyond that would be a different story. If we look at the timeline alone we are looking at some major changes because we either change the timeline or we replace the actors. A TV series (which will definitely need a recast) would not ruin anything. If it’s bad in your opinion there is a simple solution: don’t watch it. Either way if we get the trilogy that should be satisfying enough.

        Whatever happens we must remember that the first sequel isn’t confirmed yet. We don’t even have international dates for the first movie. We worry about sequels and follow ups when it is their time.

        • yeah, but i don’t think that anyone would care if it was spread out over more than two years. i for one wouldn’t and i’ve read all the books and the ellie chronicles too, and i reckon that they should make at least all of the tomorrow series into seperate movies, they can decide about the ellie chronicles.

          and i agree, a tv show would ruin it.

        • while you cant compare it to harry potter, there is an enormous amount that happens in the books, and they could quite easily all be made into movies.

    • I’m stoked for 3 movies… BUT PLEASE NO TV SERIES I agree!!! A tv series always destroys these things. We love the books… we are all hoping the movies will live up to the books… but a tv series??? The story is over! John Marsden finished it! Omnilab – PLEASE don’t make a tv series that just drags things out and gets more and more rediculous and outrageous and unbelievable!!!

      • Totally agree! KEEP IT TO THE MOVIES!!!!!!! It would be a great thing to do and with tv series you might miss a big part and cant see it again because the people who choose what airs dont do reruns for another 6 months! Also for those business people reading this, it would make more money to do movies, as with tv shows you pay money to make them, you pay money for them to air but people watch them for free at home! making you no money, movies on the other hand cost money to watch, or buy the dvd etc….
        7 movies gets my vote

        • Thats so stupid. of course they still make money off tv shows……you do realise that tv channels make money off advertising and they pay the producers of the tv show :/

          • yeah – i know that :/
            but think…… comparison approx. $27 million dollars in like 3 weeks around the world….it would probably take a lot longer to make that type of money through TV!

      • I know!! A tv series would be so stupid!! It would just ruin the books, coz they were sooo good!

  5. great to hear of a movie being made. I first read books when i was a teenager and being in my 30 i have only recently finished rereading the books for like the 100 of a time. the books are currently with my sister who is reading them as a group with her children. If the movie is as good as the books i cant wait to see it.

  6. Am so looking forward to seeing “tomorrow’ when it comes out in September. I have read the books over and over with hope of them making it into a movie and they have yay!!! Just hope it goes well at the cinema and on dvd so they can make the rest of the books come to life, so I guess I will have to see it a few times over!!!

  7. omg thats awesome i can’t wait til the third day the frost becomes a movie (if possible)
    yayayayayayy lol hope the whole tomorrow movies and tv series will be good! 😀 :)

  8. Please, please get the movie to the USA!!!!!!!I love the whole series and will be soooo
    sad if I can’t see what looks to be a terrific film!

    • The film was actually test screened in the U.S to gauge it’s strength in the international market and turned great results so I can’t see why it wouldn’t be shown. :)

  9. i´m a happy person now!
    ´ve been looking forward for this movie for years and years. Hope they will show it in the netherlands 😀

  10. I saw the film last night at Jam Factory -q & a with Stuart Beattie and his brilliant cast!
    I am all for the films to be a trilogy as i think after the third one the actors would want to move on to other projects by then.
    Perhaps even filming 2 & 3 together would be good.

  11. awesome…can’t wait for september to see the movie, be even awesomer if they make all the books into movies…i know i for one will definately see them all.even planning a friends birthday in september for tomorrow when the war began…it’ll be awesome!!

  12. i would love to see more movies but why stop at three when you can do a whole saga just like harry potter and have seven great movies

    • That would be soo awesome, except by the time they got to the last movies the actors would be way too old.

  13. i love it, i really cant wait for the movie to come out, ive read all the book and i really hope they make a movie for each it would be really exciting. i think this will be big, move aside twilight i say 😉

  14. i also think that making it a TV series is a little silly, i dunno how that will work but we can always try. JUST MAKE THEM MOVIES!

  15. guys you aren’t thinking, if they make them all movies they will have to recast because the actors will get too old, im all for the miniseries, cause hey! means it wont be a year between each installment, just a week. bUT I want the first three as movies definately, and maybe the last, but 4 5 and 6 could be blended into a series well.

    • I had the privilege and pleasure of interviewing stuart and he confirmed that 2 and 3 will be made (filmed back to back over a 100 day period) but will most likely end there. The main reason for this being the fact that the cast would age.
      I’ve seen the film and it really brought the book to life! The locations are perfect and hell was just as I had imagined.

      • I saw it as well, I enjoyed the explosions and the camp scene was intense as it should be. I think they did a good job of adapting it to film

  16. I always thouht that if it was adapted to a movie it would ruin it but from all the trailers it looks amazing, I can’t wait!!!! But they should make all 7 into movies and have the ellie chronicles as a tv series….

  17. They should make them into 4 movies (all 7 books). Don’t bother with a TV spin off.

  18. I would watch it if it turned into a TV series, but agree that if the movies perform, why stop making them?

  19. cause the actors would get too old and they would have to recast… i hate that fact. it would be so cool if they made them all movies, but i know it isn’t gonna happen. i want them to make the last one a movie though, mainly because it would be a good ending. but maybe if they film 3 all a t once or something, then they could edit them all and they wouldn’t have aged?

    • Yeah. See, at the end of the day, the whole movie thing is a little unrealistic. You can’t just cram several books into a few movies and get very good results. Neither can you just make seven movies in a row, because they take too long, you’d still need to recast and after a few they just loose their fire anyway.

      The books were originally meant to be a trilogy and if that’s where it ends it will be satisfying enough for most fans. However, should it continue onto a TV series with a recast, and it wouldn’t be the first time (never known it to be done with books though), then I’ll watch it. If it works with me, I will naturally support it and if not, I will cross that bridge when I meet it.

      But the main point is it is still way too early to even consider one sequel let alone a trilogy or TV/movie series. The first movie can’t even be defined a success yet without it even being released locally.

  20. WoW. I can’t wait 4 the 2nd Tomorrow movie 2 come out. The 1st 1 waz awesome!! ILY

    • We can’t even be certain there will be a sequel at this point so let us worry about books 4-7 if we actually get to see 3rd movie.

  21. i just got back from seeing tomorrow when the war began. it was brilliant and i believe they should make a movie for each of the books, including the ellie chronicle books.

    • That would be awesome huh? I could really see it as being viable, especially if Tomorrow When The War Began goes global.

      The movie is highly addictive.

  22. Read the series of books in high school. These were the only books I ever read during school. Loved them, Loved the movie. hope to see more

  23. OMG just watched the movie it was fantastic kept fairly true to the books a little differences but all good!
    Pls make them all movies i dont think a TV seris will work but ahh well if u try.
    For the love of God if u end up making all movies like when im older pls make the Ellie chronicle too they are GREAT!!!! Ily “Tomorrow when the war began series!!!” C:

  24. The movie was of course amazing! An I loved it whole heartedly. But I’m worried about the movies becoming a trilogy and then a tv series… If they could all be movies it would be fantastic, but I don’t the characters should be changed and then changed to a tv series. I know the actors of the first movie may become to old to play the parts, but why not combine the second and third book and make one movie. Then just keep making them in twos. I just worry that it will lose fans. And after seeing the movie, it’s obvious that the actors have fantastic skill and can depict there character very well. I say make the movies with two and three combined, four and five combine etc etc because the movie truly was epic :)

  25. tomorrow when the war began movie was great but i would hope that they would do a movie for each book and hold back the television series because seeing those books come to life in the cinema would be amazing-i reckon a television series would wreck it.

  26. Love the movie, definately agree with Damon. Great idea, especially seeing as the story arcs in 2 and 3 pretty much follow on from each other (Harvey etc.) and 4 and 5 is more about NZ.

      • Sorry, meant I agree with Matt. But yes, 1 as a movie, 2 and 3 as the next, 4 and 5, and then 7 on its own. That way they dont have to worry so much about the actors aging. Also Ellie Chronicles as a TV series sounds rather appropriate and fun, good idea.

  27. Why not just make them all into a movie!!! Maybe the Ellie chronicles a TV series????? I guess some of the books are a bit of a bore and some don’t make the books any better

  28. Friggin Amazing. I saw it the day it was released.
    They can’t make it into a TV series. D':
    Like Tan said, they should make the Ellie Chronicles into a tv series.

  29. Movie stayed true to the books…. They left it to open ended to not do the 2nd one, especially for those who haven’t read the books. And we don’t need a tv series…. It would be like neighbours and home and away at war! Keep true to the books I say!!!

  30. Saw the movie the other night – loved it! Was in love with the books and wasn’t disappointed with the movie.

    So hope they bring the other books to the movies and not to TV!

  31. I PRAY THEY DO. I hope they do all the books into movies, not just a TV series. It wouldn’t be as exiting. NO TV I AGREE. DO ALL THE FILMS. It’s the second best film i’ve ever seen. (#1 Avatar) But their completly different.

  32. I saw the first movie not to long ago and it was sooo good !

    I walked out of the cinema hoping that there will be a second one.

    As soon as the movie finished, I raced to the book store and bought the book.


  33. i think combining the sequels and just making a few movies out of them is a great idea! and really, would it matter that much if the actors aged a bit? that wouldnt be such a big deal! and a tv series wouldnt work for the tomorrow series, but i think it definitely would be good for the ellie chronicles!

    • yes i would love to watch the ellie chronicles in a series because it wouldnt be serious its would just be how they lived after

      • If the chronicles were made into a tv series they could start with John wrote and then maybe even continue it on. It would be a fantastic boost for Australian entertainment to have such a well loved book series be made into 7 movies then also a tv series.

  34. Making a TV series out of the books, will be taking it too far. The books were great, i loved them – My friends and I even made a tomorrow when the war began PLAY, to which i invited John, as it was with tournament of the minds but did not get a reply. – and we have seen the movie twice.
    Although, making a television series will take the “coolness” out of the stories, viewers will lose interest in the series, and respect for the movies.

  35. i reckon they should just make all the books into movies because the first one has been a huge success not just 3 and a TV series.

  36. I agree with you ash i want to see 7 movies for 7 books, because as im reading the 7th book im picturing it as a movie


    • i agree they should it would be so much better maybe they should maybe the ellie chronicles should be in a series but tomorrow shouldnt

  38. This movie was amazing i really hope they make the WHOLE series! But a tv series would be amazing! I absoloutley love Homer in this movie he was amazing!

  39. they should make a movie for each movie not just the three. and the tv series will just be stupid

  40. The viewers have spoken! I wouldn’t support a Television show. And i believe not many other possible viewers would either. It would one massive boycot.

  41. I love the tomorrow series!!!! and I really hope they make all 7 movies because the are just so great!! 😀

    • i agree id love to see all seven of the books be made in to movies.i no that i would purchise all of them

  42. no series!!!

    these books are great as movies, and I love how much of the first book was included in the movie. The actors were fantastic and i was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

    A series would be shocking in comparison… the budget would be tiny so most of the awesome explosions and action we saw would have to be cut and worst of all, the actors would have to be changed.

    If there was a TV series of it i definately wouldn’t watch it. It would be a ridiculous waste of time. These books were created to be blockbusters

    • The book are awesome I love them, I read them again and again. But I think books were made to be books they are better as books.

      But I do agree movies not T.V series it would ruin the story if you missed one show!!!

  43. make all the books into movies!!!! so wat if the cast is in their twenties wen its finished. It won’t matter to us and the people who haven’t read the books won’t know the difference. DO NOT make it into a t.v series people get bored of them too easy.

  44. I absolutely loved Tomorrow, When the War Began (movie), and can’t wait to see the others on the big screen. But, a tv series??? Seriously?! It would totally ruin the series. As for the actors ageing – if they made the 2nd & 3rd back-to-back, the same with 4 & 5, 6 & 7, over 3 years, the ageing problem would not be an issue.

  45. will the same actors be in the tv series as well
    ? if not thats bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. I personally loved the tomorrow when the war began book series and the latest moive:) i think they should make every book into a movie

  47. if they are going to only make 3 films all up, they will (im guessing) combine the remaining 6 books into 2 movies. i.e. 3 books a movie. 6 more movies would be awesome, but whether they could do another Harry Potter style saga, who knows. All i know is i’m looking forward to the BluRay release on December 30th

  48. I totally agree with everyone!! I absolutely cannot get over the books! They are the best books I’ve ever read and the movie was awsome as well!! They should definitely not do a tv series and the actors should not be changed… the actors have already formed a picture in my and even when I read the books I imagine Ellie, Homer, Lee, Robyn, Corrie, Kevin, Chris and especially Fi as the actors that were in the movie…. definitely keep the actors and make all seven books into movies,,, even if they have to do them back to back! I love these books and I can’t wait to see the next movies in the series!

  49. I have read all 7 books in the Tomorrow Series and am up to the second in the Ellie Chronicles. I saw the first movie. It was AWESOME and can’t wait till the second comes out. John Marsden is the best. :)

  50. this would be kool but only if the TV shows can be watch by people that are outside of Australia

  51. I can not wait! I have read all 7 books + the 3 Ellie Chronicles. Hope it comes out soon.
    Am desperately hoping that they will have auditions for the TV series when the “ferals” come in.

  52. I’ve read the seven books in the series and absolutely loved them, can’t get over them! Plus the movie was amazing aswell and I can’t wait for the rest of the series to be released as movies! Personally I think a TV series would ruin it. But John Marsden is amazing and Stuart Beattie did a wonderful job on the film!

  53. i think the books are AMAZIN!!!!!!! and so is the movie. I loved it!!!! I think all the books should be made into movies and not a TV series. i would really love it if they were all made into movies like Harry Potter was. I hope you decide to make them all into movies. IT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!

  54. I would like to see all the books made to movie, I think the audience would have a much better understanding and develope a better connection with all the caracters.
    If they do intend to make the books to movie they need to get a move on and strike while the iron is hot other wise people will loose interest. SOOO GET MAKING. We are all waiting :)

  55. you better not makebooks 4-7 into tv series it will ruin the whole franchise you will get better response turning them all into movies

  56. Awesome the next movie has been confirmed, Thanks to the age and the afi awards we cleaned up aparently. If they didn’t make another movie I think I was gonna rage hard cause to leave u hanging like they did in the first, bring it on

  57. being there is 7 books there should be 7 movies for sure. It doesn’t make sense to try and condense 7 books into 3 movies and I think a tv series would take away from the power of the books as they would have to change too much of it

  58. Why wont they make all the books into movies thats what they did with Harry Potter and this is 100 times better!!!

  59. please please please dont make this into a tv series!! i love these books and it woud just completely ruin it!! am i the only one who thinks this is a horrible idea????

  60. I cant wait for the next two movies, as soon as they are all out Im going to watch them one after an other!!!!

  61. Whatever you do please DO NOT make a TV series, it’ll just ruin the whole thing. I’ve read the books, i love them, the movie was great so please make the movies but not the TV series

  62. I think that these books should be made into movies, because tomorrow when the war began was such an excellent movie that all of the others would keep on increasing the rates. The first movie was only a beginning, it got us listening and watching the movie. Like Harry Potter the first book would not have gotten as many ratings as all the other books because it is only the beginning, so in other words: MAKE THEM ALL INTO FREAKING MOVIES. x

  63. I have just finished re reading the series after the movie I was inspired to re read them all & now am going to start on the Ellie chronicles! Some people don’t know but The Elle chronicles are an extention of the Tomorrow Series, While I Live, Incurable & Circle of Flight. They are really good worth the read.
    I would love it if they made all the books into movies, I loved the 1st movie & would 100% go & see the rest, I am a mad movie fan so I would also have to buy the set :)

  64. TWTWB is my fav book, the first movie was a great adaption from the book even though they changed some details at the end. i guess to give it a bit more suspense for the audience. Each book was better than the last so I really hope they make this into 7 movies as there is so much detail and epic journeys that I would love to see Ellie and crew undertake.

    dont make the last 6 books into 2 movies please… make em all! ive got all the books i look forward to having all the blu rays! 😀

  65. Fav series of all time and if we have to suffer through countless potter movies and god knows how many twilight movies then i think we deserve the most awesome book series ever to be made completly into movies – ALL OF THEM please.

    PS no tv series though that would suck

  66. All seven movies can’t possibly be created with the current cast. With the Harry Potter cast, they were eleven year olds protraying their age wizards in the book. They grew up mainly as their role did, just getting slighly ahead with the time delays of filming.
    The majority of the Tomorrow cast are in their early twenties protraying seventeen/eighteen year olds. The only cast member I could see going through with every movie would be Ashleigh Cummings as she is the actual age she is supposed to be.

    Everyone is also against some of the books being made into a television series. I think it’s a marvellous idea. Not only can they focus more on the little details, it gives us half an hour/a full hour of the book per episode. This really adds up over an entire series considering the average running time of a film is an hour and a half.

    So before you become a stubborn ninny who wants every book made into a film, consider other alternatives that would actually give you the detail you want and the longer running time. The only downside to a television series would be that if the ratings are bad and it gets axed.
    However, with a famous Australian book that is an action/adventure/drama how could it possibly fail?

  67. u didn’t c it the moves but i really really like. i like how it just stops at the end it makes me want more.i think it sort of funny in a way.
    the actors are amazing

    homer-is funny
    Ellie-is really cool
    Kevin- really hot
    lee- tough cookie
    Chris- weird
    fi-amazing beautiful
    robin-has got courage

    sooooooo buying it on DVD!!!!!

  68. I went and read all the books after seeing the first movie and would be so sad if all of them werent made into movies! I wouldn’t mind if the actors looked older than they are meant to be and I dont think many other fans would either….

  69. Hi there,

    I’m watching the first movie at the moment and it’s brilliant! Why not make all of the books movies? They’re incredible books, all of them, and they all deserve to have their own movie!
    If you think that you won’t get the support from an international audience think again – I thought Harry Potter did pretty well. Turning 7 books into 8 movies! There is no reason why you couldn’t do the same.

    If you make a TV series you might not miss out but the rest of us from around the world will! Think about all of us avid readers who have read and re-read these books who wouldn’t get access to the series :o(

    If you want to make a TV series so badly, turn The Ellie Chronicles into a series. Now that’s a good idea ;o)

  70. Hi, im just wondering if its only girls that like this movie? I am male and absolutely loved reading the entire series including the ellie chronicles. I loved the movie, paid full price for the blueray cause i wanted to watch it again at home. loved it watched it about 4 times with my girlfriend too. I think it would be very hard to make all the books into the movies and keep the money coming in. I hope they do but I can’t see it which is seriously disappointing.

    • Not at all!
      Despite all the content which some could interpret as it being a book for the female audience; emotions and sparking relationships, which a small portion of the male audience may find off-putting, the majority of the readers understand that it was written primarily for the teenager audience (with male and females in thought).
      I think what attracts males to read it is that a growing number of teenagers are interested in joining the armed services and they want a connection with people their age, doing what they deem ‘fun, exhillerating, etc’, and it encourages them to continue the series.
      I am neither of those.
      Personally I found it interesting for both aspects of the book. Feeling the emotional distress the characters were under being in a war zone, dealing with death and the invasion of their country, thrown in with the action of blowing up bridges, lawn mowers and the like.
      So don’t believe that you’re alone in the world of Tomorrow, because I can gurantee that there is a large male audience out there. Not only connected by the production of the film, but with the books aswell.

  71. Are you talking about tommorow when the war began 1 or the dead of the night because i havent seen the deat of the night and also what year in september?

  72. waiting for this first sequel (Tomorrow: the dead of the night) hope the producer will get their mind to do it. Love to see it soooonn!!!! i’m from philippines and I really appreciated the movie (Tomorrow when the war begin.

  73. I hope they make the books into movies! That would be great, I truely liked Tomorrow when the war began. Lets hope for the best! 😀

  74. OH COME ON!! They MUST make a sequel.. I adore the books and the movie was pretty good too, for a remake anyway :)
    It would make my life if they made all of them…

  75. i love the film it was amazing, i up to the third book. i am hoping they will make The Dead of the Night, i am die to see it.

  76. I understand that it will be a lot more expensive to make a movie of every book than just three. But I can assure you that 9/10 fan wants you to do 7 movies. And after this absolute giant succession of the movie tomorrow when the war began I think you got the money to give it a shot, and all the sponsors you can get?!, oh my god… That gives me the feeling that money almost is your last problem. And please, offer money to make seven movies instead of that serie your planning, it will just destroy the story..

    And btw, tomorrow when the war began was awsome, 3 or 7 movies, I can’t wait for the next one! / swedish fan

    • I agree with you swedish fan, IMHO a TV series wouldn’t work for many different reasons… the Tomorrow series is awesome for the big screen, the entire feel of the books works so much better as a movie… they should definitely make 7 films. Fingers crossed :) hopefully our dedication and support for the series of books and films will be enough for them to make sequels!

      • You can’t disagree that a television series wouldn’t work in the aspect of attention to detail and the time basis on the novel. Instead of going from Point A. to Point B. in a single camera shot, they can include the inbetween conversations, locations and all those little details that are described in books but can never be included in film adaptations as they seem insignificant and unnecessary due to time restrictions.

        I’m on the fence for the television series opposed to every film being made.

        • Oh yeah, definitely. I agree with you on this point. But you know, I’m fine with cutting stuff out as long as it’s not vital to the plot/essence of the characters. I think they did an incredible job with the first one. And in 7 movies (or even 3) there’s enough time for the character development :)
          You said that lots of filmmakers think that some details are insignificant. I agree with you again but this is not the case, not with Stuart. I know that Beattie REALLY wanted to include the Hermit’s hut but they just couldn’t due to the limited budget. Working on such a limited amount of money they had to sacrifice some details. Even from the production stills/set pictures you can see that they’ve cut out lots of scenes, but they filmed it. I hope we’ll get to see them soon, maybe in a special DVD edition. Anyway I’m more than happy with what I’ve been given, I think that what was included in the film was done brilliantly and I’m looking forward to the sequels 😀

      • thanks Nadia, and Chris, don’t you think that seven whole movies is enough to catch the details? At least I think so..

  77. i am going to agree with you guys (swedish fan and nadia) i dont think that a television series would work as well as all seven movies although it wouldnt be to bad i fit was television or nothing 😛 anyway i hope they do make all seven movies!!! I LOVE THE TOMORROW SERIES

  78. I loved the first movie and think you shoul make all the 7 books into
    Movies. It would be great.

  79. Hey guys. I think your first movie was a really big hit. I luv all the books and think it would be a shame if u didn’ all seven books into movies. It wouldn’t finnish it of right,there would be this big question mark there and it would be unanserd. I think you’ve started at the first one, and finish. At the last one. About the TV series I say go for it once you’ve done seven movies. So please do seven movies for us.

  80. First of all, thanks meghan! And guys if you have any ideas of why they should make seven movies so write it down! Hopefully they read this and might change their plans :)

  81. Just saw the first movie, and loved it! Please make the sequals!!!
    Wonderful books and a wonderful movie!

    Best regards from sweden!

  82. I really love these books, and the movie is amazing. Most movies when you watch them like three or more times you end up getting sick of it. But with this Movie I can’t stop watching I’m addicted so I can’t wait for the second movie to released they’re amazing! I own all the books and would definetly give them to my children and grand-children!!! I’m only 13 but I’m still hoping for the best. Plus I love how John Marsden describes the characters there all so different in a unique way!! It’s like I want them all to myself, like I don’t want anyone to know about these movies and books. I’m just so over-welmed … OMG, I’m sooooo excited for no poosible reason .. :) Love Ya Actors and this movie+book …AHHHHHHHHHHH !!!

  83. There is potential to to make another nine great movies here why wouldnt they take the opportunity? It would be great for the Australian film industry.

  84. Well there is that slight point of the actors getting too old to do it. It will be a disaster if they do a tv series, new actors regardless. Why not do the movies back to back? Was an awesome seriea to read and I always imagined it turning into a movie…. Why not I say? We need something bright for aussies with the floods and fires :)

  85. I watched the movie several times, a while back. AMAZING!!, could not look away from the screen. One also agrees with the, 7 book, seven movies. but then again, if they “HAD” to make it in to a mini series after the third day, the frost, it would not be soo bad…I mean at least we still get to see the books come to life.

    But 7 books, 7 movies…Im So There!!! 😛

  86. I wander if the moviemakers realise that 2 years living in the bush, wont exactly make you look younger. You could easily get away with a 28 yr old playing a 19yr old whos been stuck in the bush with malnutrition for two years……..

  87. just want to say how much i love the movie and im reading the books now and most the time when i read a book that has been made into a movie i hate the movie but they have done a great job and i hope they make all the books into movies no tv shows that would ruin the whole series

  88. All ten books need to be Movies no way in Hell (hehehehh Hell the only safe place) that u cant if i were a millonare I’d pay for them to be made into movie even the Ellie ones! there all amazing and need to be movies and not tv series

    • I agree completely. I absolutley love these books. After I read them I was a bit devastated that I had no more to read. I read a lot in like a day each because they were so good but now i really regret it and wish id savoured them.

    • corrie dies due to being shot and the enemy wouldnt treat her, as kevin goto the hospital with corrie the enemy bashed him and was slaved but later on rescued by ellie and the gang. robin dies a hero as she threw a grenade in frount of her to kill the enemy and chris dies in a car accident.

      Does that ansewr your question

  89. corrie dies due to being shot and the enemy wouldnt treat her, as kevin goto the hospital with corrie the enemy bashed him and was slaved but later on rescued by ellie and the gang. robin dies a hero as she threw a grenade in frount of her to kill the enemy and chris dies in a car accident.

    Does that ansewr your question

  90. I’m happy that they’re positive about sequels, but a trilogy? I mean, how are they supposed to make Burning For Revenge into episodes? I mean, explosions and action just gets more and more intense after each book. I’d be so disappointed if the first three movies were awesome, and then started to suck at the time of the fourth book. Imagine a low budget television Burning For Revenge… -.-

  91. Read the series while in my early teens and was great to watch the movie now several years after! Hope to see more of them come!

  92. i think that all seven of the books should be made into movies, you can’t just cut a story in almost half by only making 3 out of seven and a tv series will just stuff everything up.

  93. I hope all the books become movies, including the ellie chronicals. my only fear is that it will take so long that they might have to get different actors after a while. it wouldnt be the same if the did that. and what if they DID make it a tv show, would the actors be different? cause it just wouldnt be as good with different actors.

  94. I don’t think they should make a tv series but just release all the books in movies. Tomorrow when the war began was great… looking forward to the rest of them to come :)

  95. I rekon do all the books including the ellie chronicles and but them into movies because the are a bit more realistic then harry potter and twilight or any of that shit and you guys should also consider having a look at the Oberon District in NSW which is about 2 hours from sydney near the blue mountains.

  96. tomorrow the dead of the night will be made in to a movie it will be out round bout 2012

  97. they should all be made into movies, if they really wanted to they could write and film most of it inside the 2-3 years that the books cover and as the material is filmed send it to a diff team to edit and produce each film as its made so the actors can just keep filming. also the ageing isn’t really an issue since with cgi and whatnot they could make the actors look the right age again anyway. Theres at least one movie ive seen where they’ve got a 30something year old actress playing a 17 yr old girl so it can be done.

  98. I would really love to see The Dead of the Night! Think how old all these people are going to get over the years…too old! OH AND READ THE HUNGER GAMES!!

    • We can get over them being too old. This series is awesome and I’m sure everyone would like to see all the films on the big screen 😉

  99. I think they should definitely make all of the books into movies but ADVERTISE THEM MORE – like t.v ads and stuff. All my friends loved the first movie and the actors and I think that sequels to Tomorrow when The War began would definitely be worth it!

  100. i have read all the books and i hated reading until an english teacher introduced this inspiring book and then on i have beening them whenever i get a spare minute. it would be really fab to see this continuing on. congratulations on first movie:P

  101. I’ve never particularly liked reading at all. However, my friend read the book in English class and was bragging on about it so much, I thought I may as well give it a go. Turns out I LOVED IT!! Simply couldn’t stop reading it and the subsequent books!
    Then when the first movie came out, I thought it was abosutely amazing!! Especially for an Australian movie (because I know people pay out on Australian films)… It was done to a very high quality.
    Personally I would be very disapointed to see the rest of the books be made into a TV series and for the cast to change.
    I understand that it will take many years to adapt 7 fantastic book such as these, into 7 great movies and that the actors will undoubtedly age. However, the difference with these movies and the Harry Potter franchise is that the actors in that series started from a very young age, the ages of 11 and 12. Therefore, there were obvious drastic physical changes in their appearances as they went through growth spurts, puberty, and voice changes as the films progressed.
    The great thing about the Tomorrow series is that the actors are much older and have already hit puberty therefore they are not likely to change very drastically in 5-6 years. Plus with the make-up and costuming deparments and with all that CGI stuff, I think they’d still be able to pull off the ages of between 17 and 19 years. Actors play the role of younger characters all the time.
    All in all I think it would be fantasic for the Australian film industry if we were to have our own polularised book to film adaptation that could give the Brits’ Harry Potter and the Yanks’ Twilight series a good run for their money! :)

    • Ashley, believe me, I agree with you on every single word. I have never been a big reader myself but I literally fell in love with this series from the first page of Tomorrow, When the War Began. I love everything about it. And the movie was brilliant, it would be disappointing if they ended up doing a TV series. I’ve always said that the Tomorrow series belongs to the big screen, seems like someone else agrees 😀

  102. i agree as well! the more people that read and love the books, the more people that are gonna watch the movies. and the first movie-Tomorro, When the War Began-did the book justice and it was good if you hadn’t read the books as well. i really hope they make all the movies like harry potter but this series is better!

  103. Please make them all movies, loved the first movie, cant wait for the next but PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THEM ALL MOVIES

  104. Pls do it quick, I’d love to see Catlin Stacey again on stage. She’s just like Victoria Justice, slim and so natrually good-looking. Her caracter has been made sensible and thoughtful and that’s what I’m loving about her. But why only 3 movies? Harry Potter got his 7 also, why not make my wish come true? Come on, when there’s an appeal to all female fans of the movies to invite all their facebook friends and do some stuff like that, we’ll have as many female visitors as some men need to watch a film like this.

  105. Here a message from the Netherlands. They have to make all the seven movies! Love the books. Amazing story.

  106. reading Ellie chronicles at the moment and am busting to see the next movie!! You cant leave us like that. can you??

  107. Turning the last book into a tv series or a miniseries would be the worst decision made, and I would really appreciate if these people would not screw up the books like that. Every one of these books deserves to be made a movie, and would be amazing. It could be an Australian Harry Potter. These last 4 books are too good not to be made into movies and everyone I’ve talked to agrees.

    • Agreed 100%. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for the second film at the moment, but if they want to continue the series they need to make the last books into films.

  108. It would seriously SUCK if they did a television series! If they do, I think it will be a big disappointment for fans of the books.

  109. don’t make tv shows out of it as people would lose intrest movies a so much betta.. ..

  110. it would ruin the whole tommrow when the war began series if they made them tv shows it would really suck and if they made 7 books(not including the ellie cronicals) then they should make 7 movies!!!!!!!

  111. Although I would prefer films than a mini-series, it would be better than nothing. It would take a long time to make 7 movies and by the time they are finishing up, the actors would have aged a great deal. In the end, I’m really happy and hope it all goes ahead. :) Can’t wait for The Dead of the Night film to be released. I am so excited!

  112. I hate it at the end of the seventh book! Why dare it make me think that Lee, Homer, Kevin and Fi die! I’m so angry that I don’t even want to read the Ellie Chronicles!!!!!

    Well, I do, but I don’t want to. Know what I mean?

    • geez have u even read all of the book!!! and read the ellie chronicles there good! there’s a surprise if you keep reading 😀

  113. The title of this page should read “Dead of the night is dead in the water”; thanks to Omnilab/Paramount.

    After the poor marketing and promotion efforts and -hence- poor results overseas (especially in the UK) and no-releases in US and Sweden; I don’t see the 2nd movie being made anytime soon or at all :(

  114. That’s stupid. If they make the first one then they definitely need to make the second one!¡! So angry :(

  115. i’m up the second book and i think they r 2 die for!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    i love the books and the movie!! :-)
    i just hope that they will make a movie out of all of the books 😉

    tomorrow when the began has my vote!!!:)

  116. that would be sooo awesome if there was three movies! but i wish that they would come out in canada, and so would the tv series :(

  117. i think it would be stupid if they put them on a series theyll change the base of the story and it will get ruined :(

    • I agree with this too. They couldn’t make the books into a series because the books is all about ‘waiting’ for the right moments. They would have to change the whole story line just to make every weeks epsiode dramatic and the whole suspense just won’t exist. A tv series is nothing but plain stupid! :(

  118. I so hope the do make the next movies. But I think that doing three movies and a t.v. series is realy stupid. Doing that would ruin it. But if the were smart (oviously not) they would cut the movies into 2-3 parts making the dosh they want and the movies we want. Plus the would be getting to spend more time on getting it right. i.e. not stuffing up the movies. i dont htink they’ve completly stuffed up on this movie but they missed out on heeps like Herment and corrie and keven wern’t suppost to be at the brige they were suppost to be getting the ferrets from kevins uncels place. And The didn’t do the fake secret hideout for an aliby. Plus after keven took corrie to the hospital he was ment to be questioned and not belived aubout the ferrets and hidout until a soldier comes in with a twisted andkel and describes a smilar sceen

  119. Nobody really cares if the cast ages, they should make them all movies and then make the Ellie Chronicles into a T.V series!

    • i really just think they should just make all the books into movies like Harry Potter in an Australian way hahaha

  120. the ellie chronicles would make an awesome Tv series because it is still full of Drama where as the movies wouldnt, their is too much action in The books for a half hour or hour episode!

  121. I think that they should make a movie for every book. They did it for Harry Potter so why not the Tomorrow series?!?!
    i absolutely love the Tomorrow Series. I think they should have books for each character… Like the Fi Chronicles 😀
    Thanks John Marsden! I love your books xoxo

    • i agree tomorrow when the war began has more suport than they think they do. so many people @ my shool are looking forward to the next movie. I CABT WAIT!!

  122. The books are beyond words John Marsden is amazing.
    I do not know how a writing can write so real the book just comes to life you can not put it down i am only put my book down when i eat and sleep!!
    John Marsden if so my favourite author.
    The movie was also amazing, it would be disapointing if they did not make a movie for every book though.
    The cast is super ( I would love to meet them )
    It is also great how it is an Australian movie!!
    I would love to be an extra!

  123. Ellie Linton is basically a murdering psychopath. She is responsible for the deaths of dozens of people throughout the story arc. Ellie Linton is a serial killer we can empathize with. :)

    • you are a horrible person, its a movie smart ass, and what would you do in a situation like that. God put some sick people on this earth and you are one of them!

      • Thats a horrible thing to say, are you being disrespectful to god.
        You make me and every religious person on this planet sick.

        Good day to you, you bully.

    • What goes on in you MIND!! ELLIE IS NOT A SERIAL KILLER! Ellie has killed people to save her life, her friends life and to get those morons out of her country!!

    • are you stupid ?! in the movie the enemy has broken the rules by invading her land and killing people who own that land. so if you are going to critisise ellie for doing what she did your an idioy at least she had the courage to stay and fight what would you do in that situation ?

    • WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!! are you saying that if some other country invaded where you live then you would just sit there and not fight for your country!! I would!! i couldnt see my beloved home land taken away from me!!! I WOULD FIGHT!! but you…… you would just sit back and be beaten by the enemy!!! I WOULD RATHER KILL THAN BE KILLED!!

      • Actually, murder is defined by law. However law counts for nothing in war, so killing in war isn’t murder. Are you suggesting we charge soldiers in charge of defending this country for murder. What about every policeman and women whose killed a criminal to safeguard your everyday living. And war is something else entirely, up is down, so to speak. They even wrote the line in in the movie: “It’s not murder, if it’s in a war.” It’s not the fact that Ellie has killed a lot of soldiers, the point is why she killed them. That is the real question posed by the books, in what instance is it okay to kill, if at all. There is no real answer.

    • There’s no need to be so harsh on Ellie, she’s killing people not only to save herself but her friends, family and home. But even Ellie has doubts about herself sometimes. She doesn’t know whether she’s doing the right thing but she does what she does in a split second to save someone she loves. What would you do in that situation? A stranger is holding a knife to your best friend’s throat and you have a gun in your hand: you either shoot and save your best friend but have to live with the guilt of killing a random or run away and live with the guilt that you killed your best friend. Although their’s no right answer in this situation the ideal thing to do is shoot the stranger and save your bestie. Don’t be so harsh on one of the only people left and saving our home! :)

    • Hi Annie,

      With your comment, i’ve read all the others that have replied to you and i think they were a little harsh.
      But seriously, do you really think that because i know nearly everyone on this planet would do the same- kill the bad people to save the good people.
      Yes in war or not it is murder, no matter who commited it.
      But you’ve got to consider the possibility that maybe it wasnt her intention to kill but rather an instinctive drive to save/protect her and her friends.
      Personally if i were her i would have killed/captured as many baddies as i could.
      Preferably capture because i am a strong religious person so i dont believe in killing but it wasnt fair on her or anyone in Australia that her people were neing killed either.

      I mean no hard feelings towards you, its your view on the story so you can view it however you want.


  124. if they made it into a t.v series in guessing it wont go for very long… it would be good but i still think they should just make them all into movies, just like how harry potter was done.

  125. a tv series would be absolutly gay!!!!
    because it would be to dramatic and the whole atmosphere would change in a matter of weeks in the series.
    make sure you’s make all the MOVIES forget the tv series!!

  126. 3 movies and a television series!! I don’t think so!!! Turn all the books into movies, including the Ellie Chronicles! A television series wouldn’t be that good because you would just be waiting till the next day to see what happens! At least with the movie you can watch it all without the suspense of waiting!

  127. NO NO NO!!!! a tv series will not work!!!! i have all 7 books and im waiting to get the ellie chronicles out and i must say that a tv series for the books is THE MOST STUPIDEST THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN!!! Movies are soooooooo much better cause it happens all in one sitting so you can enjoy it!! if you miis an episode of the tv series you wouldnt know what is happening……that is if you havent read the books!!! MAKE THEM ALL INTO MOVIES!!!! Please please please!!!

    • I agree with this!!! A tv show would be a little silly in this situation because usually they sway off the whole point of the books because they have to keep it interesting. A tv series will just not do, you’ve started it with movies you need to finish it in movies!!!

        • I deffinetley agree, a TV series would reak the whole series you wouldnt be able to keep up with it all because you would have to watch it then forget about it till the next night or week and i dont think it will work ( unless you have read the books of course ) but its not a good idea. And why make the first three into movies and then the others into tv series could it just wouldnt make sence you would had to watch the first three movies and then watch the TV series, I personally think that you are making a MASSIVE mastake by doing that but ill just keep reading the books and then will watch the movies and i suppose the : TV SERIES !!! :(

  128. I’ve been a Tomorrow fannatic ever since day one of seeing the movie and I really hope there is more to come. Please don’t give up on Australia’s anxiously waiting fans… :)

  129. read the tomorrow series and the ellie Chronicles they are all awesome and should all be made into movies that would be awsome

  130. i have watched the movie and read the first book can’t wait till i read the others i think they should all be made into movies the actors are all great at there jobs and should finished their series and u cant keep your fans waiting any longer.

  131. OMG!!! love the movie!! in my english class we are curently reading the first book and doing assignments on the first book. the book is so inspiring, it is so cool. i am now reading the second book and i loved the first book and i love the one 1 i am now reading ‘the day of the dead’. love it! cant wait till the second movie comes out!! but i still cant wait till they all come out on movie! seriously, i used to be addicted to twilight but now… i cant stop talking about the tomorrow series!!! love everything to do with it!! love all the characters… <3 <3

  132. I love these series i have read the first 3 books going onto the fourth and I LOVE THEM, these series are my second favourite #1 HARRY POTTER !!

  133. the tomorrow series and the ellie chronicless are my two favourite book series :) loved the first movie and cant wait for the second one to come out 😀

  134. When is the release of the next movie? has it been made yet? I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM ALL! I own all the books and the first movie and i’m really hanging out for it.

  135. Is there goin too be another movie, i would really like too know ive read the books, now i jst really want too see it in action :)

  136. Hi i love the movies and books- ive read them all
    i am currently 15 and am writting my own novel about war and need some ideas, help me

    • Wow thats great, maybe this is an idea try not to use the same kind of story line as tomorrow when the war began because people may not be interested in the same kind of book just different people. But maybe you could write a book if you were say ellie Lintons Mum or Dad and what they went through and what they have expericened. Or maybe you could be the country invading another country and you can write about how the experience was !! These are only sugesstions but if you do like any leave a reply back ! :)

      • Hi MoYzIe,

        Those are great suggestions but what im doing is it is invasion. Like the tomorrow series. The twist is though that we, Australia, were expecting it to happen because in my book, the world literally splits in too. on one side there are the powerful continents/ countries like america and on the other are middle eastern countries. we’re half in half out of the boundary because we need both sides for us to stay strong and not go bankrupt and stuff. So thats my book, sort a, what do you think about that.

        • Yea that sounds great, i cant wait to hear more about it. Keep me posted on what you are going to do. Can’t wait to read it !!

          • Hi Tyler,

            Is this about Australia breaking into two but then the other countries choosing sides aswell ?

          • Hi,

            It is about all the nations of the world feuding over virtually nothing and the countries such as china and japan etc…. pretend that the others dont exist, but they still fight them. Australia is stuck in the middle of the border, (it seperates the countries) and we need both sides to survive. When our government says no more immigrants can come it makes the bad side( china, japanetc….) invade. We later find out that they didnt invade for that reason but they were always planning to invade. We just didnt know. That is a rough idea as to what my book is about. I’ve already written 60 pages. Not even half way through yet.

            Thanks for your support


          • Hi Tyler,
            That sounds awesome, you will need 2 tell me what the title is and i look out for it in the coming yrs, I wish you all the best luck writing your book.
            MoYzIe !

          • Hi MoYzIe,

            It is called ‘Outback War’,

            Sorry i couldnt reply properly to your last post but it wouldnt let me.
            Let me know if you manage to find this thanks.
            If you have any thoughts for my book please shout and let me know,


          • Hi Tyler, sorry if this doesn’t owrk, my computer is stuffing up but i did get ur last message and i thought u had some great ideas and i am acually really excited for this book because im into all war and stuff and what it would be like if we were there ! But i am really excited about it. Keep me posted

            Regards : MoYzIe

          • Hi MoYzIe,

            I will and i got your last message too.
            I reckon my book will be out sometime next year (if it gets published) so look out for it.
            Im also writting another book called Battler for Nepethia, its also about war and stuff and it is more fantasy though and im writting that one in third person. Outback War im writting in first person.
            Please give me a shout if you have any suggestions for Outback War.


  137. It is an invasion of australia by china, i need big explosions and stuff so please give me some ideas

      • Excuse me,

        You dont even know what the whole story line is about, it is nothing like tomorrow when the war began, how dare you say that when you have no idea.
        I think an idea for you is to stop being a jerk

        • I also dont believe tomorrow when the war began is about explosives or being jerks, its about friendship and working together to get somewhere ! :)

  138. Hi Biango,

    My book is original, the only thing similar to tomorrow when the war began is the fact that Australia gets invaded.
    The rest of the book is a battle between my main two characters and the boss of the whole invasion.
    Please dont say what you did again because you didnt even know what it was about.

    Other than that i hope all Tomorrow series lovers have a great day and enjoy the next movie when it comes out, i certaintly will.

    • Hi Tyler,

      I don’t want to put your idea down for your book, but I have to agree somewhat with Biango. If, when finished, you sought out companies to publish your book they would automatically think of how successful the Tomorrow series is, the similarities (eg. China as the invading force; though not specified in Marsden’s work the asian ethnic was shown in the film adaptation) and how there isnt an Australian market left for another invasion novel. A suggestion would be to create a new world and construct your invasion around feuding countries and perhaps give the history as to what problems came between them. I’m just worried that you will put too much effort into a book that has been done quite successfully.

      Just something to take into consideration. Happy writing!

        • Hi ratz,

          I answer to your question, this isnt my first story, no.
          I became a published author last year ( yr 8 )
          However this is the first time i have written a story like this.
          Im also wrtting another novel called Nepethia. It is a romantic, battle novel that is to do with love and its advantages and disadvantages.
          Hope that answers your question and leave a reply if you have anything else to say.


  139. I love all the books and movies. I cannot believe the way Chris dies in the second book, it’s like all war and he dies in a car accident. Anyway, Tyler you know me and I am looking forward to reading your book when it is published.

    • I guess thats why there are laws against driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The general reception of Chris in the film was taken by the majority quite well (I think mainly because half of his part was being stoned) and if the second movie is to go ahead, those who haven’t read the books will be upset at his sudden death.

      I’m not sure whether you’ve read past the second, but I’m just going to put it out and say the death in the third book was by far the most upsetting for me.

  140. Hi Chris,

    Thankyou for your words of advice.
    I have been thinking and it is quite similar but i have thought of an idea and need to know what everyone thinks, what if i combine the idea of Harry Potter and the tomorrow series but not copy them. Where it is a magical world that breaks into war and stuff like the two books. I dont want to copy other authors so i try to think outside the box and my friend Lauren who replied above helped to derive this thought.
    Please tell me what you think, not just you but EVERYONE, i need some major thoughts.

  141. Pfft, F@$k three movies! we need to make this the Australian Harry potter! 7 movies minimum! maybe 8 …and a theme park


    • Hi jerry,

      Your right they should make all seven into movies and the ellie chronicals.
      They will make a huge profit margin if they did, they really should do it huh.
      The next movie is set to come out in september next year, so they say but it is only if all the actors agree to rejoin the cast. Lincoln Lewis is a star in underbelly razor so i dont know if he will rejoin. Happy tomorrow reading to you.

      • Tyler Betts, The only way that Lincoln Lewis’ character would be in the second film is in a flashback. Would be important if he was available from The Third Day, The Frost though.

  143. Hi Caitlin,

    I know your probably not allowed to tell us anything but can you just tell us if it will be as great as the first. You play Ellie perfectly and i can’t wait to see you and the others in the next movie.

  144. i know it will be stupid if they make a TV series and will there be a second movie or not cause i really want to know bloody hell to me

  145. does anyone know if they are making the second book into a movie. It’s been over a year since the first was made, and there is no mention.
    does anyone have any answer

    • Hi mandy,

      Yes they are making the first three books into movies and then the last four into a tv series.

      The next movie is apparently coming out in septemberish of next year.

  146. hello !!!
    I don’t understand how they want to do a series because it would be ten times more epic if it was like Harry Potter !!!!

  147. There is no time for us to go on about Harry Potter anymore because there is a new series in town and they have taken over !!! TOMORROW SERIES !!! :) :) :) :) :)

  148. The movie fell WAY short of the books.
    The whole things would have been way better if it was just a TV series. There were so many things in the movie that were totally different from the book. Given they can’t go exactly to the books (as it is a movie and short on time), there are things that happened in the movie that did not happen in the book, or things happened in the movie that mess up plots from other books.

    I am interested to see the rest of the movies (if they come out)

  149. Everytime one of my friends comes over i always ask have u seen tomorrow whe the war began and if they say no then i always make them watch it and every person i have shown it to loves it and always ends up reading the books because there soo eager to found out what happens next.
    My name is Moyzie and im addicted to tomorrow when the war began ! :) LOL

  150. I Love the Tomorrow Series!!!
    Loved the First movie and i know the second will be great
    I have read the book series heaps!
    I believe that this movie is bettr then HP and Narnia!!
    Cant wait for the second to come out YAY!!!!!!!

  151. I dnt get how half the time when homer makes a jk no body laughs i mean i crack up he is funny as!!

  152. This movie is awesome. Its great to see an Aussie film do well.

    All the actors were great. The boys were great i loved homer. Made the film have a funny side. Chris was another character who brought humor to the movie.

    I think Caitlin’s character was played good, but her voice needs to be clear, as its sounds broken when she speaks and is sometimes harder to understand.

  153. After recently finishing the novel series, i think a movie for book number 2 and a possible television series would be totally amazing!!!! count me in as a committed viewer! 😀

  154. Love the books but if they make a TV series I think that would kill the whole series. what i think is that they should make all 7 books into movies and leave the thought of a tv series behind. i dont think the actors will age because if the movie maker people get their act together and make the rest of the movies then they wouldnt have to recast.

    • I totally agree! a television show would kill everything that the books are trying to tell us. Movies are by far the best way to tell the tale of the struggling youths in Australia.
      A show wont capture the spirit and heart like a movie does and i honestly think a serie would come out flat.

  155. OMG Katline i’m only 12 but i no that you have to be the best actor in history,and you have to convince someone to make all 7 movies and i don’t care if you age it’scalled life and that is what this series are all about! PLZ MAKE ALL THE MOVIES! And all us fans should do something to get all the movies made because all those people that would be doing something are doing NOTHING!

  156. i love tomorrow when the war began!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(and ellie crons!!!)its my fav movie and book series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ilvefrtwtwb(i live for tomorrow when the war began) love ellies#1fan

  157. i rrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy hope they make all 7 movies + ellie crons i have been reading them sice i was nine (im 11 now)love ellies#1fan

  158. I read all the books (tommorow when the war bedan series and the ellie chronicles) they were so fantastic Tomorrow when the war began (movie) was amazing even if it was a bit different. I really hope you make the three movies it would be even better if you made all seven!!
    good luck!

    • they betta be they fit there caricters perfectly i like lee ellie homer and fi the last oones left ohh and kevin

  159. this book is awesome! In Poland are only 3 parts. I’m waiting to the fourth. I never heard about The Ellie Chronicles, unfortunately there isn’t in Poland :(
    <3 Australia, sorry for my English, i hope you're understand me

  160. ‘what about the bible? Thou shalt not kill? What about that?’
    ‘David killed Goliath’ -.-
    ‘but that doesn’t apply in this situation. Thats a metaphor…’
    ‘are you in, or are you out’ o.O

    • Hi ratz,

      The movie at the moment is only out here in Australia but It’ll come out overseas very soon, i think.
      That was the last i heard anyway but hope that answers your question.


  161. I love the movie and the books, it wouuld be amazing though if they made a movie for each book. but still, having three movies and a tv series is better then nothing! CAN’T WAIT! :)

  162. Hi all tomorrow lovers,

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    I have a feeling next year is going to be great!

    My very own novel i going to be published around july so look out for it, especially if you are head over hills with John Marsden and his famous novels.

    It is called Nepethia.

    Do any other tomorrow fans write?

    Cant wait til sep/oct next year, suposidly the next movie is coming out???????


  163. I just recently saw the movie and read the series! Believe it or not but i personally think that the tomorrow series is 100000000000x better than the twilight saga. They should make the series into movies and who cares if they have aged between shooting.

  164. omg
    read the book series 3 times and watched the first movie 6 times cant wait for the next one

    I would probably die if they don’t make movies of the other books ….

    all the actors are so great and i just love it all 😀

  166. The tomorrow when the war began series is epic!!!! My friends and I had been saying a film should be made for years, we even considered doing it ourselves because the series is so good. So why don’t you make all seven books into films, it would be awesome, the best thing ever. Even if the seven books are made into films instead of the series. ALL SEVEN HAVE TO BE ON SCREEN, ITMISMJUST A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. I’ve read the books a lot of times. They get better everytime. The movie, too, I watched lots. Each of the cast add in their own way. It gets even better. Can’t wait for TDOTN. No pressure, guys, I know you’ll bring it to life. Best regards, Bill

  168. You Guys When Is The Sequel Movie Comming Out I Really Hope You Guys Make It the first movie was great and i want to c it

  169. The Tomorrow When The War Began movie was just like the Marsden books; great idea and clunky dialogue between the characters. The film was lauded as bringing Hollywood sophistication to the story, just bringing some realistic acting/scripting would be sufficient to make it fantastic.

  170. the movie tomorrow when the war began, this is a great film, the only problem is, it came to an end and left me wanting more. id never herd of the film or the books. as i live in England i do not recall any advertisement for this film, this is Australias answer to red dawn witch is one my all time greats. are you making the dead of the night ? or is it made already? please do not leave it with just the one film p.s please make it longer than tomorrow when the war began. thank you m.osiris

  171. i really really hope that all the books will turn into movies i really love the books they are amazing! i cant imagine how good the movies would be if they ever make the movies i really hope that they do!!!

  172. so hooked onto the movie i just want the second one to come out now, looking so keen and if it comes out i swear ill knock someone out for excitement 😛

  173. Guy i gotta say im 16 i just watched the film and read the first book and im not even australian i love the film and the book and i am now buyin the other 6 on amazon and im gonna read em cover to cover. I have never read a book so awesome in my life and i bet the scots over here are gonna love the films too after i get em readin all the books first that is 😉

    • Hi Lindsay, I’m twelve and Australian .
      I have read all of the books including the Ellie Chronicles.

      If you want to know anything about the series ask me! :)


  174. and i agree just make all the books into films and i will support you all the way i really want all 7 to be made into movies making a TV series please would you make a TV series for Harry Potter? No all it will do is eat into your savings and stop you all from doing the best thing that we will more likely support that is make 7 awesome movies that the globe will love!!!

  175. im obssesd with the books, and movie i love it and littreally know the whole script. i dont think there is gonna be another movie but :( i hope that there isssss though xxoxoxo

  176. This movie was amazing, my whole family loves it! The first thing we did was order the book, not easy when you live in the UK! There has to be a sequel, the second book is equally fantastic!
    Second film, please!?

  177. TV show wouldnt be good! make all the movies, everyone would enjoy them! ♥! love the books so much, but a tv show would ruin em! xoxo

  178. hey is the second one going be a movie as in England we only have the first two book out and I just watched the first film. I am mad about Australia went backpacking couple of years back and in love with the soaps. This is the best film I seen in a long time and can not wait for the second one.

  179. I love these books! I have read all 7 books and loved them so much i went on to read the 3 Ellie Chronicle book. I absolutely love the movie Tomorrow When The War Began, so i cannot wait for the sequel to come out!

  180. OMG! I cant wait for The Dead of the Night!:) I love the books so much. I hope the next movie makes it to the theatres cause the first movie wasnt reveiwed very well……

  181. This is a great book series, when is the second movie coming out though??

    P.S. Finally australia has a great movie about how we live Australia, it’s great!!

  182. Im dutch and i have read al the books and i just saw the movie. I can’t wait for a sequel!!! I also find it very awesome that it’s an australian movie, never been there so it gives me just a hint about how the landscape there is. I hope this series will become as popular as the harry potter or twilight serie because we need more!!!!!!

  183. PLEASE DO NOT make a TV series, only make movies. TV series always ruin books and always go way off the plot

  184. I’ve read the books over and over since high school… I think I began reading them when I was 15, I’m 24 now and so excited that this book series is bein made into movies!! Even more excited that it’s being sold in Canada!!!! When I the dead of the night comming out?? And if its out in Australia… When is it gonna be released internationally! :) i hope they continue… And keep the same cast, they were great

  185. Make all the books into movies, they are fantastic! The Ellie Chronicles can be made into a series if need be, that could work. But do not make the Tomorrow books into a series, that would just ruin the story line. Really hanging out for the next movie, after reading the 10 books and watching the first movie.

  186. Oh my goodness when does it come out for us Aussies??!!!!!!! Sucked in America John Marsden is a true Aussie and this is something we have waited for Since the day the books were published


    • I KNOW I WANT TO SEE IT!! Y CANT THEY MAKE IT I can’t believe that ****** ****** and ****** all die. Do u know if anyone else dies? I Am only up to the 4th book?

  188. When is the dead of the night coming out on dvd. I have watched the first movie and am currently reading the 4th book. I WANT TO WATCH THE SECOND MOVIE!

  189. I love John Marsdens Tomorrow series, i have just about watched the 1st movie about 100 times. My favourite book was definetely the last one

  190. my fav one is circle of flight its so sad when you think gavin is dead hes my fav hes so cute and brave.

  191. I would love if all the books plus ellie chronicles would be movies but i guess that would be quite hard

  192. The books are truely what us aussies are, we come together when times are tough (the qld floods) and help each other out!!!!!!!

    I am so proud to say im aussie and that the tomorrow series represents us in a way!!!!!

    the movie producers need to get off there butts and hurry up!!!

    they r righting the script for the next movie as ive heard but that was months ago and they were worried about the actors ageing, look at them now they literally look like old people, well not exactly but still they should just hurry up!!!!

    it was the highest grossing film in australia in 2010 and the next movie will be the same!!!!!

    We’re waiting people, just make the darn movie!!!!!!

  193. CAN’T WAIT!!!!! TWTWB is the best movie out!! Looking forward to a sequel verrrrrrryyyyy much!! :)))

  194. This is my favourite movie! i just read the second book and I really want the second movie to come out ! Please hurry up and bring it out !

  195. If more people read the books, they would easily buy to go see the movie, really the series should be as popular as the harry potter series, but maybe this series is easier to read then film, unlike the hp series, still one of the mot amazing books i have read though

  196. Is the movie still coming out?! I’m dying to see it, there just doesnt seem to be much info on release dates???

  197. When does the dead of the night movie come out in cinemas in australia? Im dying to see it. Im reading the books im up to the 5th book Burning for revenge its like the 3rd time ive read them they are just great to read.

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