Rachel Hurd-Wood joins Tomorrow

Rachel Hurd-Wood to play Corrie in Tomorrow: When the War Began
Rachel Hurd-Wood to play Corrie in Tomorrow: When
the War Began

Director Stuart Beattie announces English actress Rachel Hurd-Wood has been cast as Corrie McKenzie in the feature film, TOMORROW: WHEN THE WAR BEGAN.

The eight TOMORROW: WHEN THE WAR BEGAN warriors have now all been confirmed with the announcement today by Ambience Entertainment that Director, Stuart Beattie has cast Rachel Hurd-Wood in the role of Corrie McKenzie.

Rachel Hurd-Wood will join actors Chris Pang (Lee), Deniz Akeniz (Homer), Andy Ryan (Chris), Lincoln Lewis (Kevin), Phoebe Tonkin (Fiona), Ashleigh Cummings (Robyn) and Caitlin Stasey as the film’s pivotal character, Ellie Linton.

This is not the first time Rachel has worked in Australia, having played Wendy in the 2002 big budget live action film version of Peter Pan, which was filmed in the Gold Coast. It was then that Rachel discovered the TOMORROW: WHEN THE WAR BEGAN book series.

“Being from the UK, I had heard of the book, but it wasn’t until I was last in Australia filming Peter Pan, that I read it and I fell in love with the story and the characters.”

Rachel’s most recent credits include the period features Dorian Gray, Solomon Kane and the 2006 thriller Perfume.

“I am thrilled to be filming a modern-day action film and to have the opportunity to work with Writer/Director Stuart Beattie and such an extraordinary Australian cast to bring one of my favourite characters from the book series to life” said Rachel.

Director Stuart Beatie says of Rachel Hurd-Wood’s casting: “We initially set up screen tests in Los Angeles and London because of all the Aussies over there. The excitement that generated lead us to seeing more great actors and the moment I saw Rachel’s screen test I knew our search for Corrie was over.

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61 thoughts on “Rachel Hurd-Wood joins Tomorrow

  1. I am curious as to why Stuart went for an English actress over an Aussie but reading that Rachel is a fan of the series has greatly assured me that she will do the role justice and i can’t wait until the film is out!

    • as long as the actor can pull off the aussie acent i dont see any reason that they shouldnt be cast in the movie
      will be interesting to see if she can do it because in most respects she is how i pictured corrie

  2. I wasn’t too pleased that they didn’t cast an aussie to play Corrie, but she is pretty much exactly how I pictured Corrie to be, and I’m sure she’lll do a fabulous job, as well as attracting interest internationally.

  3. I think they needed an international cast member to garner ANY interest overseas. I mean, yes, WE love the series, but how many people outside of Australia have read the book and loved it as we do?

  4. OMG! Wow. Funny thing is I actually imagined corie to look like that. Damn im good aye?
    She is a good actress and she suits the role perfectly. As long as she practises her aussie accent. ALOT! But hey, shes been in other internatiinal movies, and we need to create interest overseas. Especially in europe and north america.

    • i agree when u say this is how u imagined corrie, and i really hope she can do this movie justice. im beyond excited about these movies!!!!!!!!!

    • The accent seems to be the hardest thing for international actors. They either make it too posh or too like.. over the top boganish. I havent seen many that can pull it off. But this is one of very few cast memers whos looks I’m completely happy with. fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      been waiting for these movies for yonks!

  5. To be fair I actually think this film deserved to be a lot bigger than it will be.
    With fear of being attacked but not actually wanting to upset anyone I think the films could have been done much better justice if an almost fully Australian cast wasn’t sought.

    I’d rather have some great talent in there (Accents etc don’t come into play if it’s truely a decent actor) rather than local soap actors but at least if they do the film justice I shall be very pleased.

    • I actually agree with you, even though I like the fact that we have a mostly Australian cast. If the books had been picked up by Hollywood, we might have had a fan base develop that was similar to Harry Potter or Twilight. But in the end, this is a good chance for some new Aussie talent to get international exposure. But I am sure Rachael will help get in fans for the films, particularly in the UK.

    • I love that they have an Aussie cast and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But at the same time, I’d like to see it big. They’re great stories and they deserve so much and I’d love them to have everything they deserve.
      Maybe the movie’ll do it justice. We’re only seeing it come together at the moment. The outcome could be surprising…I hope so anyway

    • Even the best actors in the world are terrible with accents and if I watch a film with a bad accent, I’m likely to vom. So I’m glad they casted mostly Australian actors.
      Rachel is British, shouldn’t be too hard for her to do an Australian accent, hopefully.
      And we are forgetting the other cast members international status. The English love their Neighbours, so Caitlin will be a familiar face. And ‘H2O Just Add Water’ did fairly well overseas and was on Disney Channel etc, so Phoebe will be a familiar face too.

    • i also believe they will do fine. how else do people get started unless you give them a chance even hugh jackman had to start somewhere sometime.

  6. I’m actually a bit disappointed at the cast, I mean, majority of them are soapie actors who struggle showing any real emotion in their roles trying to keep their hair in place. Risking getting my head bitten off, I think this movie will be very disappointing and i doubt a sequel will be made because the ratings won’t be very good.
    anyway, fingers crossed I’m wrong, as I am a mad fan of this series, and I’d love a good Aussie film to be made, as it could generate more overseas attention on the great potential of our film industry

    • I don’t know that we get to really see a lot of the potential that those ‘soapie’ actors have. And some of the storylines in soaps don’t really give you a lot of opportunity to really act – so they could have a lot more potential then we see. I really hope so. I’d hate to see things flop; I’ve been waiting for these movies for ages. I know the books are pretty popular all over the world, and I don’t a single fan will mis the first movie. And the storyline’s sure to draw others in.
      I think the first movie has potential to succeed based on the fans and the stoyline itself. But if it’s not good and doesn’t live up to the book, it’s going to ruin the opportunity for the rest.
      I just really hope it’s gonna be great!!!

      • I agree with you Angela.
        Soapies like Neighbours, Home & Away & H20 don’t show the full potential of what an actor can do. Don’t forget many Australian actors who have gone to Hollywood have learned their craft on these shows like Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Radha Mitchell, Julian McMahon, Melissa George, Isla Fisher, Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, Heath Ledger etc etc.

      • Yes its pretty hard to show any emotion when you’re dealing with corny scripts from “neigbours”. This movie is going to be awesome. Stuart Beattie is going to a lot of effort to do this right and i think we can have faith in him.
        Peace and Love

  7. Well i think the casting is great. This girl is playing Corrie right? well if she stuffs it up in the first one she aint gonna be in it again is she? As for the boys…The dudes playing Homer and Chris i can see, but kevin and Lee??? i just i dont care about the kevin character coz i didnt like the character in the book but the dude playing lee…cant see it…also while i do like Caitlyn Stacy, i always pictured Ellie to be more tomboy’ish, not so pretty…as long as ellie aint wearing make up and looking like a glamour girl then i am happy…the girls playing Fi and Robyn, good job….spot on. Cant wait cant wait cant wiat…

    • that is exactly what i thought. she is not butch and looks like she belongs on a catwalk. But i’m not the directer so i’ll keep my mouth shut. They know what they are doing. we need to trust them.

    • i agree about lee & ellie. though they might prove themselves yet we have to see the film before we can really judge them i think ellie would be more country style with but her face and appearance wasn’t really slightly close to what i had in mind but i hope they do the film good… i love this series and hope they make the sequel and the next and the next and the next…

  8. though she is an english actor i think she looks like corrie good choice if she can pull off the accent

  9. I think the cast is great! I have seen Rachel Hurd-Wood in other movies and she was fantastic and as for Caitlin Stasey people need to stop judging her before they have seen the movie. All the photos we have seen of Caitlin she has pretty clothes, gorgeous hair and is all made but I imagine when she takes on the role of Ellie she will ditch the make up and the high heels and look completely different!

    • i agree she had to audition so she must have been good and every time we see her she is at the logies or doing an interview…. i think she needs to be given a chance and hope that she surprises everyone

    • On the positive side mate, a brittish actor will generate interest in the Uk so that hopefully the movies will generate heaps of interest and money!!!!!

  10. I am a French girl. Unfortunately the books are not famous in France but I read them a few years ago and I totaly liked them. When I learned that a movie will come, I was very excited! I hope it will release in France and make the books be published again here because they deserve to be known.

    Greetings from France!

  11. I’m not really happy with any of the actors so far. None of them really fit the image I had in my head. Time will tell if they can actually act but at the moment my excitement levels are going down which is sad since I was really looking forward to this :(

    • its a movie of cource the actors wont be ugly! but i knw wt u mean the actor playing Ellie doesnt look like sme1 who wud b a farm grl!

  12. ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok so we all know that part of the film is being shot in Raymond Terrace. But is there anyone out there who can tell me what they are using as Hell, Tailor’s Stitch and Satans Steps??????

    • they will be using the deathly hollow satans steps and saw crosscut because hell and tailors stich is built off that place

        • think you might actually be right there… think i remember reading an authors note in the back of one of the books that said something like that… i’ve got a feeling tailors stitch is based on razorback ridge that leads to mt feathertop?

        • yea they are in vic i google mapped them. it not razor back ridge it the saw crosscut im pretty sure because they are all in the same area and the saw crosscut leads up to a mountain that i cannot recall the name of at the moment

    • The setting of hell is based on Terrible Hollow, which is near Mt Howitt in Victoria. Satans Steps is the Devils Staircase – they are small cliffs that go down into Terrble Hollow. And Tailor’s Stitch is the Crosscut Saw which runs from Mt Howitt to Mt Speculation

      • im impressed… i actually grew up in those mountains and i didn’t realise that. too bad they couldnt use those areas for the movie

  13. I am rather disappointed with the choice of cast, especially for Ellie. It’s bad enough it is being film in New South Wales.


    • think about it Alice they were all choosen for a real good reason otherwise someone else would have their parts. the movie will stil be awesome as

  14. HAHAHA. Its funny how everyone said they imagined her like that. i always imagined her as being really fat. Maybe i have a bad imagination. owell. and congrates to her for gettin the role, it kinda sucks that she like get injured off in the first movie though. and i hope this movie will be played in all cinamaes.

  15. i am actually a big fan of Rachel Hurd-Wood and am actually disappointed that she was given the role of corrie because i see her more as ellie than corrie. shes got the unusual beauty that i always pictured in ellie… i really hope that caitlin will do ellie justice because i have a feeling if she doesnt do it well this film will be a disaster and that would be a shame. im confident that rachel will do a wonderful job!

  16. dont like it all that much i think that they should of given real everyday country kids ago at it… but i love the books i only hope that the movie is as good or even better.. hope that they all do well

  17. I think that even though the actors dont look loke what we imagened by the time they get haircuts, costumes and make – up artists they will look more like we imagened. Also member when you first read twilight, harrry potter etc. You had in your head whet the characters looked like and then the movies got released and you forget what you version of a charcter is and adapt the movie version.
    Im sooooooo excited only a few months to go (hopefully)!!! :)

    • i agree when i read twilight after the movie i imagined them a bit differantly.
      so we will hopefully ajust to this cast.
      but hopefully its going to be awesome.

    • There are at least two more movies planned. One for 2012 and another for 2013. It says so over on IMDb I checked last night.

      After having seen the movie I have to say my favourite character is Corrie MacKenzie (Rachel Hurd-Wood) and Robyn Mathers (Ashleigh Cummings) are by far the best of the bunch. The rest don’t come even close to being as good as those two ladies.

  18. Rachel is the love of my life, I love watching her . I’m her biggest fan, I just hope that she finds true love with a dolphin :)

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