Hell Has Two New Angels

Ashleigh Cummings and Phoebe Tonkin to play Robyn Mathers and Fiona Maxwell in Tomorrow, When the War Began
Ashleigh Cummings, 16 (left), and Phoebe Tonkin, 19
to play Robyn Mathers and Fiona Maxwell in Tomorrow,
When the War Began

Australian feature film, TOMORROW: WHEN THE WAR BEGAN announces two more cast members, Ashleigh Cummings and Phoebe Tonkin

Following the announcement last week of Caitlin Stasey’s casting in the pivotal role of Ellie Linton in the upcoming feature film of John Marsden’s best-selling TOMORROW: WHEN THE WAR BEGAN, Director Stuart Beattie today announced that Ashleigh Cummings and Phoebe Tonkin will join Caitlin in ‘Hell’ (the safe haven used by the teenage warriors in the film).

Phoebe Tonkin, who has been cast as Fiona Maxwell (Fi), is best known for her role as the beautiful, magical mermaid Cleo in the enormously successful tv series H2O – Just Add Water, which airs in over 120 territories. In 2008 Phoebe was nominated for an AFI Award for Best Actress in a TV Drama for her work on H20 Series 2, a first for an actor in a teen-oriented series produced in Australia. Phoebe has also appeared in the Australian Theatre for Young People’s productions of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Much Ado About Nothing.

“Phoebe is an extraordinarily talented young actress with an ethereal presence and effortless grace, much like her character, Fiona”, said Beattie.

Relative newcomer, 16 year-old Ashleigh Cummings joins Caitlin and Phoebe and will play the role of Robyn Mathers, a deeply religious yet determined and tenacious girl. After roles in Home & Away and the feature film Razzle Dazzle in the past year, Ashleigh has honed her performance skills in Los Angeles and at the prestigious Brent Street Studios in Sydney.

“Ashleigh is a powerhouse of ideas and energy and captures the heart and inner strength of Robyn perfectly”, said Beattie.

Further announcements will be made shortly as contractual arrangements are finalised with cast members.

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65 thoughts on “Hell Has Two New Angels

  1. hit my hand against the wall so much it now hurts to type, lol, but just now realised that Phoebe will probably have blond hair in this, to fit the charactor, so am now ok :)
    the other chick does look like a Robyn :)

  2. I hope hope hope that this movie does not get wrecked like the Eragon books did. One of the girls looks more like a Corrie than a Robyn but I kind of can see Fiona. Please Please make it good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have total confidence in Stuart Beattie’s choice of casting of Phoebe Tonkin and Ashleigh Cummings as Robyn and Fi.

  4. I’m not judging by their appearance, I’m having faith in the decisions and comments made by Beatie himself as an interpreter of this series.

  5. Yes i that one looks more like a corrie maybe? Fi looks just the part i think. But i have faith in Stuart Beattie- and the most important thing is that they can act!

  6. There’s nothing different to Phoebe playing Fi than there is to the chick who plays Rosalie in Twillight – she has naturally dark hair too.
    I hope that these movies go off like the books – and I really hope they have done the right thing with who they chose for Ellie – but we will just have to wait and see.
    Now, come on people – who is Lincoln Lewis playing?????

  7. I think Ashleigh looks pretty close to what i had in mind for robyn, i dno if phoebe is tho, mayb she will wen she gets in2 the character. but who is playing corrie? have they decided yet? gosh i hope they dnt drag the series out like harry potter. i want to see them all now!!!

  8. Does anyone see the coincidence that the actor who is playing Lee Is CHRIS PANG, and one of the characters in the story is CHRIS LANG? I know he’s not playing the same person, but it’s a little uncanny, lol!

  9. Hey guys who will play the role of gavin and jack? Please tell me they havn’t been picked yet.

  10. i was so excited when i heard that the tomorrow series would be made into a movie, then i got worried that they will kill it, because, like all of u, it is a series i love and im not sure how it will measure up to our imaginations. but u know what? i cant wait for it to be out!!!!! bring it on!!!

  11. the only criticisms i have is that Elle is meant to be a determined and quite strong looking girl. She always has her hair up, and is constantly talking of Fi’s elegance and petite demeanor ( which contrasts her roughness) and she has a bung knee, and is always getting down and dirty. she needs to be played by a tom boy, not this neighbor’s actor that looks like your average girly girl. Elle is meant to tell the story of a country girl who is incredibly brave and simply tough.. why does the actor have to be so average and pretty..
    And another thing, i have no idea about other readers, but i pictured lee to be strong, and.. well handsome i guess. A serious, deep artistic look to him… not some lanky guy. Lees meant to have a hint of Asian ethnicity, and he’s meant to have olive skin, and broad shoulders..
    just as Kevin is meant to be big, and hairy, and Fi’s meant to be dainty, blonde and pale.. anyway. good luck for the movie .:)

  12. i think that they have the charactars all wrong they are thing like the book talks about them. they should of put more thought in to it. maybe tryed to get country kids that no the country and would play the part better then a bounch of city kids. but i could be wrong ill guess ill just have to wait and see….. i love the books so im hoping the movie is just as good…

  13. They have chosen the actors 4 their ability, yea thy have 2 get people who look like them but what is more important that thy look exactly how u c them in ‘your’ head? or them acting well and paying justice to John Marsden and his awesome books!
    I for one reckon thy have done well and who knows maybe some of the actors have the same kind of personalities as Ellie and her friends which would help them act the roles a lot better, I hope it’s a good move and cant wait!

  14. i just want to say that i think Rachel is a great choice to play Ellie. Even though she is kind of too pretty i can imagine her looking like how i imagined Ellie if she could look a bit more.. Rough? She’s a good actress so she could pull it off :)

    i think Phoebe was a bad choice for Fi. Even if she had blonde hair its not how i pictured her. i pictured more of a petite delicate little thing the way Ellie describes her.

    Also i pictured Lee to be more darker skinned and with broad soldiers. Kind of more manly and intelligent looking than this lanky Chris Pang person.

    Andddd Kevin shouldn’t be like a blonde pretty boy so i’m not happy with that. Whoever Ashleigh Cummings is looks like she could be a Robyn :) i hope that all the actors chosen are good enough to pull off their characters despite how different they look.

  15. I was forced to read this book for school. I am sooooo glad that it was a had a great storyline because essays suck if the book is real bad. Can’t wait for the movie…!!!! (Teacher promised to take us to watch it for an english lesson… scoreeee). LOVE (L) Lincoln Lewis!…. thank god he’s in it!…

    So its:
    Caitlin Stacey- Ellie
    Lincoln Lewis: Kevin…. personal fav
    Rachel Hurd-wood: Corrie
    Ashleigh Cummings: Robyn
    Phoebe Tonkin: Fi
    Chris Pang: Li
    Who plays Homer and Chris????… I’m a bit confuseddd :S

  16. i think Robyn needs to be a bit thinner because in the book she is really athletic and stuff .But I’m not sure how they will pull the whole movie off like i mean in the book all the characters start to get really skinny because the lack of food so i wonder how thats gonna go.

    i also thought that Fi was robyn at the sart with like the brown hair and all .anyway i think the movie’ll be good!!! :)

  17. OMGOMGMG….i m so glad this is becoming a movie…. ive been waiting 4eva and finally like yay no wat im saying??…..i wonder if they hav a midnite session cuz lyk of they do im there!!!!!…. dis is ganna b da most awesome movie in da world and its AUSTRALIAN….woooh!!! go us….and omg its Caitlyn Stacy best actor EVA!!!!…cnt wait…

  18. ok yeah i totally agree wid abbey…..how will they pull dis movie off….im not sure but im jst really happpy ive been jumping around the house lyk mad and even got tld to get ova it…lol i neva get ova something that is so awesome and mean so much to me….lol at oe stage i wanted play ellie but kinda figured i wuldnt considering i dnt have a manager…but i can act cuz lyk im not shy…hahah but still ill be on da big screens one day trust me!!…bye

  19. omg i love Phoebe Tonkin sooo much and one day i was walking around in the shopping centre and i saw her and i got her autograph plus Ashleigh Cummings looks soo pretty and really different but good different 😀

  20. Wow. Umm ok. Did not see that coming. I think I need to see better pictures.
    Phoebe Looks the part I guess, But at first i expected her to be Robyn.
    Ashleigh is good for the part I think. maybe.

  21. its okay besides the actors are way too old wat happens if they keep making the movies in like 5 years and they are all like 26

  22. I agree with you. This is a multi-million dollar movie, project if you will, and to pick cast lightly and without thought would be the fatal flaw for this wonderful, blossoming adventure series of movies.

  23. I think people should reserve their comments about how good Pheobe, Ashleigh and Caitlin will be until they see them act – rather than just on their appearance.

  24. I agree, when I first saw her I thought it was going to be Corrie. But I’m not to sure about Fi – I always imaged her to be blonde and pale (i don’t remember if she actually is)

  25. Phoeabe is a really great actress,and she is really good in drama.She will be perfect for this character!And i bat that the hair colour is not that important.

  26. Yea hottie Lincoln Lewis has been confirmed the role and is playing Kevin! should b gud..but wat about Lee and Homer?

  27. Lincoln appeared on 7’s the Today show this morning talking about leaving H&A, and his new role, but he didn’t say much apart from confirming that he is Kevin

  28. I like their choice for Ellie, Caitlin seems to have the smarts and that little bit of wit like Ellie does. I think she is a bit too pretty but then agian this is a movie.
    I am really excited and anxious to see the movies!!!

  29. I am actually soo worried that these movies arent going to work out but I hope they do because I LOVED the books… as for the actor playing Ellie.. :p maybe im just biased because of her role on neighbours ..
    and i agree i always thought Fi to be petite, pale and blonde
    ** anxious but hopeful **

  30. homer is played by Deniz Akeniz from wen the bell rings on disney channel. Lee is said to be played by Chris Pang, AND Andy Ryan is Chris, Corrie is unknown. Hope that helps you guys. have fun.

  31. yeh,i was wondering what was familiar about the name . but im still wondering if phoboe should be fi really my opinion she cant act very well but the rest of the cast is ok

  32. Gavin and Jack don’t come into the series until book number 5. At the moment there’s just plans for the first 3 to be made.

  33. i agree, i thought that Lee would be a bit more “appealing?” yeah i dont have the right choice of words but yer. and i thought that the girl who is playing Robyn would be playing Ellie. and Ellie would be playing Robyn, so i had that thought in my head for 2 weeks when i had no internet. so i agree with you georgie!!

  34. I REALLY agree with you about Lee. To be honest in my mind he was a little ‘hotter’ and im alloud to say that being a teenage girl. :) I know he has vietnamese and something else in him but i agree i saw him more musculant with wide deep brown eyes and dark tan skin.
    But maybe my veiw of Lee will change when I see him act. I have faith in Beatie and i hope he has made the right decision.
    I love who he has chosen to play Corrie, Robyn and Homer, those three are almost perfect.

  35. Actually I think you’d have more than a hint of asian ethnicity if both your parents are asian…

  36. lee more appealing my girlfriend appeals to me . but not everyone . ellie looks at lee through her eyes so sees him appealing.

  37. I diagree I know the hair colour wouldn’t matter but it would play in the back of my mind for the whoole time if Fi didnt have blonde hair :) hehe

  38. Corrie is being played by Rachel Hurd-Wood, the girl who played Wendy in Petre Pan. She is British so i am interested to see how she goes playing an aussie!!!:)

  39. i think the blond one is younger than that, possibly in her teens or it wouldnt work for the movie

  40. Rachel playing Ellie? It’s actually Caitlin Stasey playing Ellie. Rachel Hurd-Wood is playing Corrie.

  41. same here – picture Fi with brown hair! Ellie & Robyn are perfectly cast. Had pictured Homer with short hair. They all look much older than i had pictured them. Lee isnt as hot as i expected him to be, and Kevin is pretty good. Corrie is alright-though i had pictured her with red hair for some reason (dunno why, did it say in the book or somthing?) im reading the third book now, its really good, and the first movie is coming out next thursday. so pumped!! cant waiiit!!


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